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The Auto Enrolement Experts

Master Trust

OptEnrol is available as an in-built engine to drive the success of your workplace pension offering. Use it as an add-in module for assessment, calculation, communication and archiving. Remove the barriers to your master trust. With OptEnrol a master trust can offer access to all comers to its workplace pension regardless of what payroll software they may be using.

OptEnrol is easy to use and comes with a full set of user guides and a support service for participating employers.

Choose between the DIY and Managed services:

The DIY Route

You get access to your own-branded portal of OptEnrol. You set up the master trust participating employers, and assist them with their monthly payroll processing. There’s a full suite of user guides for you and the employers and a support contract with phone and email for all your FAQs.
Costs (to the master trust) £0.54 per employee per month.

The Managed Service route

Similar to DIY, except that we set up details of the employer and your master trust options within OptEnrol and run the assessments. You have access to see the progress and download any reports as you wish. After each assessment we pass the contributions reports and status change reports through by API to you for allocation to your pension administration systems.

Costs (to the employers) £1.00 per employee per month (min £20 per month).

Integrating optenrol with your master trust portal

OptEnrol can be formatted to accept employer and pension scheme set up directly from the master trust and send employee and contribution schedules directly into the master trust each payroll period.

Peace of mind on quality and data security

OptEnrol is certified under the ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management) and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) standards and is fully compliant with GDPR.