The recent partnership between OptEnrol and pensionsync has created a number of benefits for OptEnrol clients to make the AE process simpler by the day. As an employer, you may often wonder, ‘What happens when making the first steps into the AE process? Where do we begin?’ With a range of pensionsync’s useful guides and resource saving calculator, clients can now piece together what AE means to them, and how the partnership can assist in outsourcing AE needs.

The thought of AE can be daunting and is often considered a costly and time-consuming task. However, the use of a free resource saving calculator puts into perspective how simple the automation process can be with the right planning and strategy. The administration process of AE is proving to be an overwhelming mission for many payroll departments. As pensionsync’s Chris Deeson has discovered, the average additional time payroll staff are spending on administration processes relating to AE can be up to 67 minutes per payroll!

Through outsourcing the AE process, the resource calculator demonstrates how the administration time can drop to a more appealing 5 minutes per payroll. This already gives a clearer picture as to how the OptEnrol and pensionsync integration will benefit your department.

Money and time – they go hand in hand. The resource calculator gives your department quantifiable evidence which demonstrates the cost savings which can be made by taking on the OptEnrol and pensionsync partnership. Depending on the number of clients or employees you have, this can result in hiring additional members of full time staff to manage the increasing workload the automation process requires. The OptEnrol and pensionsync partnership saves you the hassle of spending extra costs when your company can make use of resources and expenditures elsewhere.

With the hassle of auto enrolment taken care of by pensionsync and OptEnrol, the advantages are endless. Your company can cut costs, save time and clients can have peace of mind that the process is taken care of by experts who are dedicated to following The Pension Regulator guidelines.

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